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Black Label Cannabis | 5A Weed

If you are on the hunt for a nice black label cannabis strain product, take a look at the catalog in our store. We bet that you will be satisfied with the selection AAAAA weed suggested to you. Moreover, it is really convenient to place an order. Just pick what you like, and the next steps will be rather intuitive. What is more, our clients really love the prices we offer to them. Hope you will find them great too!

What Is AAAAA Weed?

Do you think of buying black label cannabis? GetGreen has a seducing offer for every cannabis connoisseur who is no longer content with what an average cannabis dispensary can give. We have one of the best premium collections of pot in Canada. Its ultimate star is AAAAA weed, considered the best quality marijuana you can buy.

Whether you are worn out after a hard day and need some energy boost or full-body relaxation, or you want to get in the right mood for chilling out with friends, 5A cannabis flowers can give you this. Just imagine the best high you’ve ever had and double it to understand how great this cannabis can be.

What is AAAAA weed? Why do we call it premium? The cannabis rating system has been in use for several decades. The weed rated as AAAAA, or 5A weed, is referred to as exceptional quality. The rating of the pot is based on its THC and CBD content, the appearance of the bud, the concentration of trichomes in the product and so many other things that ensure your ultimate experience of smoking these marijuana buds.

Characteristics and Qualities GetGreen Checks for

GetGreen takes the quality of its products very seriously. It’s not only our reputation that we are taking care of, but the experience of our customers that matters much to us. Our strategy in this regard is a close partnership with all the weed growers so that we can guarantee every batch of weed we get and every flower we sell is exactly the quality it is expected to be.

The characteristics and qualities we pay close attention to include but are not limited to

  • the weed aroma, which should be nice and intense;
  • its appearance – the buds should look glassy and fresh, meaning they are abundant in trichomes;
  • the presence of any defects or mold;
  • its stickiness, which reflects the density of trichomes on the bud.

Also, we categorize weed as Super quads only if grown with minimum chemical impact. So on the website, you can buy the purest and best quality Super quads Canada. While offering a super intense high, these buds won’t leave any side effects behind. You’ll enjoy every minute of the euphoria without the need to think of the unpleasant physical consequences that may come with lower-grade weed.

How do we know that? Because we test it ourselves. We ensure the weed won’t feel harsh in the mouth when you smoke or vape it. Also, we check if it turns into powdery white ash when smoked, which is a sign of an excellent quality product.

Do you want to enjoy all the richness of flavors, aromas, and effects of Super quads weed? Then don’t wait a minute and order some for yourself on

Our Top Selling 5A Weed Strains

When you check out the GetGreen website, you’ll see our broad collection of cannabis strains to match every taste. Depending on the characteristics we’ve listed, they are categorized and curated so that our customers can save precious time and go right to the section they are interested in. Our Black Label Cannabis section contains only 5A cannabis, so whichever you pick, you will definitely enjoy it.

When buying our top-selling strains, you are sure to get an intense, full-body high that will let you forget about daily stresses, anxiety, and depression. Is that what you want? Then check out our best-selling Super quads Canada.

  1. Ice Cream Gelato
  2. Pink Pebbles
  3. Black Gas
  4. Blackberry Breath
  5. Miracle Alien Cookies

The Best Grade Black Label Cannabis in Canada

Remember that naming the weed category AAAAA and it actually being this high quality are very different things. Some lower-grade online dispensaries just declare the high rating of the weed to supply their customers with regular quality buds at a higher price.

The higher prices for 5A marijuana are understandable because every bud is hand-picked and meets the highest quality standards. Still, they should be fair. At GetGreen, you can order Super quads at justified prices. Our collection of AAAAA cannabis flowers is carefully picked and stored to ensure you get the best for your money. So don’t delay what can be done now. Order Super quads Canada from online dispensary GetGreen now.