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Cannabis Concentrates Online concentrates are going to be your favorites if you try them at least once. They are wax-like, which is why our Canadian clients love them so much.

Do you want to be one of them? Then, it is a brilliant idea to purchase one of them now. We are eager to offer a great variety of extracts which means that anyone will be able to find something they will enjoy and benefit from.

By the way, the most frequently sold cannabis concentrates include weed waxes like shatter, budder, and crumble. At the same time, there are others that contain THC oils, hash, and other stuff. When you use the concentrate, you can expect to see only the most effective components that will impact your health in a positive way, such as pain relief, stress reduction, and other cool benefits.

Are you looking to buy cheap cannabis extracts in Canada? At GetGreen, we have a broad collection of premium quality concentrates for every taste and pocket. Find your perfect option here, and we’ll be glad to deliver it ASAP.

A Variety of Cannabis Concentrates

Why do cannabis fans like concentrates? Well, one of the reasons is they are so diverse. Check them out. These are only some of the cannabis concentrates you can enjoy:

  • Shatter is one of the most popular types of concentrates. The specific processing techniques used for its production involve butane or other solvents. Typically, it contains about 80% THC and is, therefore, very potent. You’d better buy shatter for dabbing or vaporizing.
  • Hash, or hashish, is made by processing and compressing marijuana flowers, trichomes, and leaves. The amount of THC in this type of concentrate ranges between 40 – 60 %, so it is great for smoking via bong or pipe.
  • Kief is nothing else than pure loose cannabis trichomes. They get it by sifting buds and flowers. On average, kief contains 50% THC, but this figure may sometimes reach up to 80%. This marijuana concentrate can be added to weed or other less potent cannabis types to boost their effects.
  • Rosin contains the essence of the taste and aroma of cannabis buds it is made of due to high terpenes concentration. Made with the help of a special rosin press, this substance is much more potent than just weed.
  • Live resin, unlike most other weed concentrates, is made of fresh or flash-frozen buds, which allows for saving maximum terpenes and makes this concentrate super potent.
  • Distillates and isolates lack aroma and flavor but win the title of the most potent cannabis concentrate due to THC concentration reaching 90 – 99%.
  • HTFSE-HCFSE is for connoisseurs chasing the cannabis-specific aroma and taste rather than THC potential. Made of fresh cannabis raw processed at low temperatures, it preserves the rich bouquet of aroma and taste of the flowers.
  • THC oil is practically any cannabis-derived oil that contains high amounts of THC. This is the plainest yet one of the most potent kinds of concentrates.
  • Diamonds are loved for their high cannabinoid and terpene content. As the name suggests, this THC concentrate has a crystalline structure and may have up to 99.9% THC.
  • Wax got its name from the soft and waxy structure it has. Containing up to 90% THC, it can provide an excellent high even for experienced cannabis users.

The Medical Benefits of Weed Concentrates

While cannabis products are widely used for recreational purposes, a lot of people still choose them for the variety of medicinal benefits they can provide. By buying concentrated weed in Canada, you can resolve both physical and mental health issues you struggle with.

Marijuana, particularly the THC and CBD components, has anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, and calming effects. It effectively fights anxiety, panic, OCD, PTSD, depression, and other conditions that may require intensive medical treatment if not for cannabis.

Thanks to the high amounts of THC in such products, they work great for a lot of severe physical health conditions, including:

  • pain relief;
  • muscle spasticity;
  • migraine headaches;
  • epilepsy;
  • Alzheimer’s disease;
  • arthritis;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • seizures, and so many more.

Concentrates are typically used by people whose disease progresses and doesn’t respond to generally available painkillers. Also, the side effects of using THC concentrates for medicinal purposes are times fewer than those of narcotic medications.

Cannabis Concentrates: How Are They Made?

As many cannabis concentrates as many ways to make them. Still, all of them can be split into two groups: solvent-based and mechanical extraction.
Solvent-based methods, as the name goes, imply various solvents, like propane, butane, hexane, alcohol, and CO2. Such concentrates should be made in a specific, safe environment with a range of precautions taken to ensure no inflammation of the solvent. Therefore, you should never try to do them at home.

Mechanical extraction involves shaking, sifting, cold and hot pressing, ice water extraction, and others. Unlike solvent-based extraction, mechanical extraction is safe-to-do at home, though it still requires specific equipment and knowledge to get the result you hope.

Using different extraction methods, you’ll get different types of cannabis concentrates, which will vary in their structure, appearance, potency, CBD and THC concentrations, as well as terpene amounts.

How to Take Cannabis Concentrates? Evaluating the Options

The way to take the concentrates of weed depends on what kind of product you use. Speaking about shatter or wax, the preferred method of taking them is dabbing. The reason is the high temperature they need to release the THC and terpenes they contain. You’ll need a dab rig or a bong to enjoy the intense high these concentrates can provide.

Hit the nail on the dab rig until it’s visibly hot. Let it cool down a bit and put some concentrate onto the hot surface and cover it with the cap. As the concentrate melts, inhale through the mouthpiece of the dab rig to get your portion of high.

If you don’t have a dab rig or want to use products other than those mentioned, you have a plethora of other options like:

  • smoking;
  • adding them to the flower for a more intense effect;
  • adding them to food and drinks;
  • vaping;
  • apply them topically.

Cannabis Concentrates Storage Advice

To preserve the high quality of your product and ensure you get the exact effects that you hope for, we at GetGreen have some pieces of advice for your weed concentrate storage:

  • keep the product away from light;
  • choose a cool place for storage (a fridge is a good option);
  • airtight container is best to use;
  • choose glass and stainless steel containers.

By following these recommendations, you can preserve the potency of your concentrate and prevent the wane of the aroma, flavor, and weight loss.

The Side Effects of Cannabis Concentrates

Due to the high content of THC and terpenes in the weed concentrates, you may experience a range of unwanted reactions associated with their intake,

  • including:
  • anxiety;
  • agitation;
  • psychosis;
  • increased heart rate;
  • a rise in blood pressure;
  • sensory perception alterations;
  • memory problems.
  • paranoia.

Also, due to the use of concentrates, THC-rich products boost the risk of physical dependence and addiction, so be cautious using them and don’t exceed the safe dosages.


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